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After four decades of business, we are still leading our industry because the quality and customization of our sales team training delivers results time and again. Our customers’ stories don’t end when they reach their sales goals. For us, success comes when they push beyond the expected, using the skills we’ve helped them master to transform business, lead markets, uncover new opportunities, and strike out in new directions. Explore some of the sales training case studies below to learn more how about our customized solutions drive outstanding sales training results.

Shibu Raj

Technical Manager @ BIORUS
Ms.Leenna has taken us to the next level of seeing through the lens of your customer. We are thrilled with the approach and the training we took on Strategic Selling & Conceptual Selling. This will definitely keep our sales teams interested and motivated. I highly recommend this training for complex sales scenarios.

Rammi Khalil

Specification Manager @ RainBird International
Your extensive and rich background in sales management truly enriched the course, and I’m also certain it inspired all attendees into deeper and more mature way of thinking. With Excellent communication skills, I was impressed by the way you kept all the course attendees engaged with a vast array of previous complex sales scenarios that you have shared and elaborated. Again Leenna, I thank you for your efforts, This was a truly mind-opening and an enlightening experience for me.

Wesam Batarseh

Regional Sales Manager -Peerless CECO Environmental
I want to take this chance to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Strategic Selling® with Perspective / Complex Sales training this past week, You presented it in a very smooth way easy to catch and understand, especially during the interactive examples with the group teams. I have to admit I went into it with very little confidence and a negative mindset thinking that I know enough about the sales strategies!, However, you made the Complex training.

Priya Pereira

Gulf Business Machines
Dear Leenna -Thanks for all your support and the Qatar team really appreciates all the effort. We were very happy with the interaction and service provided.

Pawandeep Singh Arora

Regional Manager - Learning & Development (HR) -Gulf Business Machines
Thank you Leena and Dr. Mazeen for adding immense value and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the team. It was pleasure having you both over this engagement and I am sure our team would build up on acquired knowledge to further gain market share within the healthcare sector.

Philip Cherian

Regional Manager MEA & India @ medavis GmbH Germany
Thank you very much for the wonderful informative and well organized sessions. Further you also took time to look into our personal SSO, which was also a nice value additional. I would definitely share the experience internally we would definitely use this methodology. I shall definitely keep in touch and look forward to get some clarifications on a couple of more SSOs to get the concepts grounded.

Paulin Sutjipto

Applications Manager -Peerless CECO Environmental
The Miller Hieman training is very beneficial for me. It provided insight, structure and a different perspective in looking at the overall sales process. Like you mentioned, the art part of selling is something that I would need to learn by keep practicing and asking as many questions as possible. It has given me the tools and more importantly the confidence to embark on my sales career. Thank you very much for being our facilitator, you are an excellent coach and mentor.

Rahul Gopa Kumar

Regional Sales Manager - GD Engineering SPXFLOW Power & Energy
Thank you for being so receptive. You were in full control of the subject and definitely deserve an appreciation for shifting the mindset of some of the ‘Veteran Sales guys’. Thanks again. You are superb.

Nabil Abu-Saba

Director – Sales - Gulf Business Machines
Dear Leena -I really appreciate the way you prepared and conducted the training sessions. I also appreciate the excellent performance of the trainer as well as his knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry.

Hardik Vyas

Assistant General Manager – Enerparc Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Your presence has made things more structured and gave a different perspective to SALES process as a whole. I have benefitted by following certain steps as guided by you to stay more focused and maximise the time in collecting relevant information to make calculative calls. Though I am more of a conventional sales guy believing in spending more time to know certain qualitative aspects from a client to judge future outcomes, having structured approach certainly makes me more sharper and confident.

Mushtaq Mohammad

Area Specification Manager @ RainBird International
The course was well planned and taught. The course instructor has adequate experience and knowledge on sales methodologies and practices to relate and understand work environment & policies in different industries. The structured way of applying different sales techniques and processes to ensure a win-win situation was excellently demonstrated. From this course, I learnt on the importance of being focused, identifying the right channels & key influences, putting together a plan and formulating win-win strategies for successful closing of opportunities. This course opened up my outlook on how we could approach opportunities in a better systematic way and winning them through a well-developed planned strategy.

Muhammad Khurram

Regional Sales Manager – MENA - Timberland PRO
Just wanted to jot you a note of thanks to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Strategic Selling. It was certainly more lively and engaging than I had hoped for. Let me tell you that this was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I’ve learned today into practice. Personally found it very informative, extremely useful, educational and fun… partly due to the way you structured the day and partly due to the very nice people that attended.

Omar Ebaid

General Manager @ eFile-Teejan
Thank you very much it was a joyful and very exciting sales training. Definitely it will help in improving our sales performance. Your experience and stories you have share was also very inspiring and valuable.

Kareem Ali

Business Development Manager – BUPA Insurance
Thanks for the time and effort you put over those 2 fruitful days Leenna and its a true pleasure to come to know you. I enjoyed the group discussions and the time we all spent brainstorming about different ideas put on the table, different perceptions enriched the entire conversation indeed. Your explanation of concepts and ideas is very clear and perfectly placed. All in all I must admit that I enjoyed every bit of the 2 days and learned a lot. Thank you

Amit D. Nakhwa

Business Development Manager – MENA - NCS Multistage
Leena, thank you for the leading on this course and the manner in which the material was presented. Having taken the MH class almost 11 years ago, it was very refreshing to re-learn the structure and material again, almost from scratch. You’re method and the examples shared aligned very well with the projects we have ongoing. Thank you for the course certificate and your offer to continue support.

Amr Gamil

Sales and Service Manager -Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology @ HOERBIGER
Many Thanks Leena , I would like to thank you for the effort and the well preparation from your side for the training , Appreciated I am reviewing the materials and the book once again this week as agreed . the idea of the blue sheets is really helpful for getting all the required info. and questions together in one sheet and see the opportunity in the other way around from the customer perspective.

Chandar Mani Sharma

Regional Lead - Enerparc Energy Pvt. Ltd.
It was a great experience working with you. Some of the terms that you had coined were unheard of. Also, your inputs about understanding what was happening in the client’s world and how buying works at the client’s place added a lot of depth to my sales talks. Thank you very much for being there for us.

Emad Malhas

Business Line Manager @ Philips Health Care Systems
I liked this training more than any other one. The ability to answer any question, giving examples, and two-ways communication and engagement made it so special one for me.

Evert Verdouw

Sales Director New Systems Europe & Africa & Retrofits Worldwide - Peerless CECO Environmental
Thanks for an excellent training, for me it was useful and I specifically appreciated your experience and elaboration on a large range of examples and cases you could provide to clarify the structuring and advantages of strategic selling and how you can improve on your selling process. Personally I will be using the tools provided to win fast and lose fast (aiming to win more than to lose.

Anand Menon

Sales Manager - Unique System FZE
It was great pleasure to attend the training conducted during the last two days. The 2 days session was well packed. The encouragement and constant motivation and the new techniques those we learned should push us to heights those were never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring the team to be excellent in everything. The best part in the whole session was the Realtime scenarios those we put in to the blue sheet which helped the team to look into the current ongoing scenarios through a third party expert perspective.

Ahmad Shweiki

General Manager @ BIORUS
The best approach to complex & B2B sales in the globe. Ms.Leenna enabled such concept in UAE in outstanding way by not only delivering a training but providing practice based on attendees industry and real life scenarios. Well done Ms.Leenna, I highly recommend all B2B leaders in UAE to adapt the same concept and approach.