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Bold Ideas Are Great , Though Success is Measured by Results Sustainable Selling is a technique to produce exceptional sales performance by always exceeding customer expectations. This needs organisations to not only look at enhancing the sales teams skills-and ability to go out into the market and sell but also look at their internal ‘non-conventional’ sales teams which are integral part of the entire value-chain of selling – we call it the internal customers.

Exceptional sales performance is the result of implementing well defined processes in your daily sales activities. The discipline in the process defines the outcome.

Many organisations attempt to manage activities without training their sales people in a sales process along with the rest of the teams who are non-sales personals, the result of it is inconsistent sales performances and excuses.

Why Transdefy?

‘Science into the Art of Selling’.
Transdefy focuses on an approach which is geared towards solving the specific nuances and the challenges of Selling organization & constantly changing environment of your Buying Organization. It is safe to say that ‘whatever that has got you here today is not enough to keep you there’ because change is inevitable.

We bring everything into one solution that can drive sustainable change & we will continue to offer unmatched organizational alignment with on-the-ground execution to help our clients build world-class sales and service teams to transform their sales performance and customer experience.