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We offer a comprehensive examination of the sales-specific skills that drive individual sales performance and outcomes. Our approach introduces 21 Sales-specific Competencies, meticulously gauging an individual’s prowess in Tactical Selling, Sales DNA, and their unyielding Will to Sell.

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We assess beyond just the sales team & help you answer these questions.

What sets OMG Sale Assessment apart ?

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FOCUSED ON SALES – OMG’s distinctiveness lies in its products tailored exclusively for the sales profession. We’ve identified 21 Sales-Specific Competencies that evaluate an individual’s practical Selling Skills, Sales DNA, and Determination to Sell – click here for sample report.

TAILOR-MATCHED ROLES – Embracing diversity, OMG’s offerings cater to sales representatives, sales managers, and sales leaders. Our assessments can be customized for various roles including internal positions, territory-based and industry-specific sales, account and channel management, national and major accounts, proactive and nurturing roles, as well as tele-sales.

4X PREDICTIVE – Greater predictive power compared to behavioral or personality evaluations. Within a year, 91% of candidates endorsed by an OMG Assessment exhibit positive on-the-job performance. Conversely, 75% of candidates not recommended by OMG’s assessment either leave or demonstrate subpar performance.

DEEP INSIGHTS INTO TEAM EFFECTIVENESS – Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) stands alone as a comprehensive report delving into a sales organization’s personnel, systems, and strategies. Sales leaders employ SEIA to address queries about managerial efficacy, skill gaps within their teams, and avenues for enhancement. Click here for sample report.

Outcome & Impact

Freequently Asked Questions

What specific sales competencies does the assessment measure?

Assessment evaluates 21 core sales competencies which is divided under 3 areas
1. Will to Sell -measures an individual’s sales- specific drive to succeed.
2. Sales DNA- measures the core underlying beliefs and actions that either support or limit sales
3.  Tactical Competencies – measure the skills and abilities necessary throughout the sales lifecycle.

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

Each assessment has a different time set but approximately takes on an average 45min

Can the assessment be customized to our organization’s needs and industry?

Yes, can be customized as per region, industry, role & language . Hiring managers can tailor
assessments to match candidates with their top-performing team members.

What kind of insights and reports can we expect from the assessment results?

The candidate will get 35 page report with scoring on each competency – click here for sample

How accurate and reliable are the assessment results?

OMG assessments are research based and over 30 years have assessed 2,200,000 salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders across 200 industries and 52 countries. Within 12 months, 91% of candidates recommended by an OMG Assessment have positive on-the-job performance. 75% of the candidates not recommended by an OMG Assessment are either not
retained or performing poorly.

What support or guidance is available for interpreting and acting on assessment results?

Post assessment, the OMG partner will have a ½ day workshop set up to take through the
report for all of those who are involved in the hiring and managing of the sales people. The recommendations will be shared for addressing the gaps and training/coaching plan suggested to improve on those areas.

What is the cost associated with using OMG assessment services?

OMG assessment falls under 2 categories- Sales Hiring and Sales assessment. Pricing varies based on the number of licenses procured

How have other organizations benefited from using OMG assessments?

In our analysis, we observed significant improvement in five of the ten Tactical Competencies. After training, salespeople were 20% better at Qualifying, 24% better at Selling Value, 28% better at Consultative Selling, 43% better at Reaching Decision Makers, and 55% better at Closing.

Is there a minimum number of assessments required for our organization to use your services?

There is no minimum number to procure, however prices will vary based on the quantity.

How do you ensure data security and confidentiality of assessment results?

We are GDPR compliant & we take confidentiality and data security seriously. Our systems are equipped with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and candidate data.”

What is the process for getting started with OMG assessment services?

The process is simple. We start with understanding the number of people to be assessed and plan the workshop to set up the assessment link based on the requirement, post which the assessment will be sent to the candidates

Can you provide references or connect us with existing clients who have used your services?

Sure, we can. Top Fortune 100-500 organizations worldwide has taken our assessment.

Clients may wish to speak directly with organizations that have experience with the assessments.

Yes, we can help you with this.


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