Miller Heiman Trainings

1) Strategic Selling with Perspective Benefits
  • Time-Tested,Proven Process Win More Complex Deals, Faster
  • Consistent& Repeatable The Blue Sheet Strategy
  • Aligning to the Modern Learner Turning Strategy into Action
  • Innovative  Sales Technology Introducing Scout by MillerHeiman Group 
2) Conceptual Selling with Perspective Benefits
  • Prepare for Sales Conversations- Plan ahead and conduct thorough research, adding  discipline to customer meetings that are client focused and results oriented
  • Align Buyer and Seller Objectives
  • Both you and your customers have goals. Align seller objectives with buyer needs to keep everyone on the same page
  • Run the meeting
  • Use our Green Sheet to organize and develop a detailed meeting plan to engage customers and build win-win outcomes
  • Ensure Productive Use of Time Move opportunities forward by asking the right questions and planning ahead to ensure productive use of time
  • Differentiate Your Solution-Conclude meetings with a clear differentiation of your solution that will move the opportunity forward
3) Large Account Management Process Benefits
  • Look to the Future
  • Strategic account management creates a shared vision for the future, resulting in multi-year, mutually-beneficial account growth.
  • Clearly Organize Accounts
  • We help you identify and segment overwhelming accounts into easier-to-manage divisions, aligning your internal strengths with your customer’s needs
  • Protect Accounts -Miller Heiman Group gives you the tools to protect strategic accounts from communication breakdowns and competitive threats
  • Solidify Customer Relationships – Our training on how to manage big accounts helps you develop robust relationships with key players within strategic accounts,increasing reach, retention and growth
4) Professional Selling Skills Benefits
Salespeople will:
  • Build their ability to engage customers fully during sales calls
  • Gain the critical skills to develop solid business relationships while improving sales performance
  • Improve their selling ability and become world-class sales professionals
  • Acquire critical skills efficiently through learner focused activities 
Customers will profit from:
  • Lasting relationships w  Lasting relationships wRelationships with salespeople who understand their business reality
  • Products that address their specific organizational and personal needs
  •  Buying decisions that are based on fact, not  high-pressure sales tactic
  • Acquire critical skills efficiently through learner focused activities 
Organizations will experience:
  • Decreased costs by helping sales people better judge account potential and use selling time more efficiently
  • A common language for your sales team that leads to improved communication and teamwork. Reduced turnover by providing salespeople with direction, support, and professional development 
5) Securing Appointments Benefits
  • Increase Number of Quality Appointments
  • Target key players to secure meaningful appointments that carry a higher probability of success.
  •  Improve Seller Confidence
  • Sellers feel more confident and comfortable when reaching out to potential buyers to secure sales appointments.
  • Fill the Sales Funnel
  • By identifying the right meeting opportunities and prospects, you’ll fill your organization’s sales pipeline with quality opportunities.
  • Talk Directly to Key Contacts
  • Sellers hone their messaging by utilizing research to speak directly to the business needs and pain points of key audiences.
6) Channel Management Benefits
  • Expedite Channel Success
  • We work with you to quickly mobilize channel partners so they can start selling more.
  •  The right channel sales structure within your organization can make the difference between channels that operate seamlessly and those that experience ongoing problems.
  • Identify High-Performing Channel Partners
  •  Assess sales performance per channel to identify which channels are ideal for reaching your customers.
  •   Empower Sellers to Execute -Miller Heiman Group helps your organization coach sellers on channel strategy best practices, providing them with the skills they need to execute flawlessly in the field

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