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The single most important lever that makes the difference in any successful organization is ‘PEOPLE’

Onboard the Right People in the Right Roles and experiences. exponential growth

How We Work

Most of the life’s important things are simple and free. We take care of the fundamentals like taking time to understand candidate requirements, listening for understanding what has not been said and using it all to ensure best fit for the company and right role for the candidate.

Applying key performance metrics to hiring, we make sure that the candidates are meticulously screened to meet the proficiency requirements of the company, along with the right aptitude and attitude for the job role.

TRANSDEFY, is specialized in aligning the right people to the right role as we believe that from senior leadership to frontline sales, Talent is the most critical part of your sales business. Your business is as good as the people driving it and hiring the right talent not only saves time to market and money but also ensures exponential customer satisfaction which inturn is the most important aspect of business growth.


Managing people in an organization takes time but managing a poor performance employee can take more than 70% of time than a good performing employee. When you hire the right resource then you can focus more on strategy to grow the business than worrying about whether the employee is doing the right thing that is contributing to the revenue stream

Customer Service

By hiring the right resource you are creating positive defining moments for your customers and improving customer retention. Research says that it takes more than 7 times the effort to onboard a new client vs retaining an existing client. An unfavorable customer service experience is the most reason why customers move to competition

Lower Turnover Cost

Hiring takes time, effort & most importantly MONEY. But do you know when you hire the right person for the right role at the right time, it saves you significant amount of money ?

When you hire with your ‘gut’, you might end up hiring a wrong candidate and rush to replace or refill a position which you have already spent time and money on. Study says that you could be losing upto 25% of the annual salary for the role you plan to fil. Hiring the right candidate that ticks all the competencies required for the role means they are better able to hit the ground running and begin making significant commitments.

Check the sales competencies required to select the right sales candidate for the right role


Strategic Selling With Perspective

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