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We walk the walk with our clients before we talk the talk. We will work with you to solve your biggest challenges in Selling in the ever-changing market conditions

TRANSDEFY’s team takes a broad view of your current sales system, assess your process from Sales team hiring to the last mile towards execution. We develop custom solutions tailored to the outcomes you are looking for in your business. We offer our clients with a foundation of repeatable process with simplified framework for adapting to their current business opportunities.

Our Services:
Sales Process diagnosis, Sales Compensation & Design, Sales organizations structure, Sales team outsourcing, Sales Consulting Retainer model, Sales team Field shadowing

How We Work

We work with a 5 step process- Discover, Design, Deploy, Reinforce, Sustain. The approach is designed to shape and scale a sales team’s existing processes. Consulting is administered through one-on-one interactions as well as team discussions, and workshops.

We work towards addressing the concern clients often have on the approach towards refining and redefining continuously their sales teams and organization.

Our expertise comes from advising and collaborating with diverse industry verticals, such as Technology, Oil & Gas, Energy, Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance, Telecom & Financial sectors for the las two decades of successful improvement in win rates for our clients

Sales Coaching is part of the Sales Consulting offering. Sales Coaching helps improves sales performance and ensures that we are building sustainable sales teams as well as organizations that are prepared to wither any change that comes their way.

Outcome & Impact

Out clients have recorded more than 20% win ratios & 4X customer retention scores with our Sales Coaching/Consulting engagement. It has helped improve sales leaders’ ability to hold productive conversations with internal team members, creating a dynamic, collaborative environment where sellers feel supported.

By improving coaching effectiveness with internal players and leveraging advanced sales technology, we have helped organizations build and develop the culture they need to produce high-performing sales teams.

IMPACT has been recorded on

  • Improve in Win ratios
  • Win fast loose fast
  • Selling priorities defined
  • Talent optimization
  • Optimize sales cycle
  • Accelerate sales process
  • Develop common sales language across the sales organization
  • Reinforce best practices
  • Deliver Actionable Seller Feedback

While many organizations leave coaching up to sales managers, we recommend to hire a dedicated sales coach/consultant who is purely focused on helping reps develop the skills needed to have meaningful buyer conversations. Focus of a sales coach/consultant include one-on-one coaching sessions, role play sessions, critical feedback provision and deal collaboration. Describes his/her position as that of an influencer, whose job is to help reps improve their approach to selling without controlling how they engage buyers.

TRANSDEFY sales management services you with the tools to develop, implement and expand successful coaching processes for sales teams.


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