Plan and execute channel sales to improve productivity and profitability.

Find the optimal channel approach for your sales organization
Miller Heiman Group helps thousands of companies around the world increase third-party channel sales performance through targeted consulting and professional development programs.

Through a careful balance of partner planning, channel management and sales training, Miller Heiman Group empowers your organization to stay ahead of the curve with channel management efforts.

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Organizations that invest in channel management training will implement a stronger channel sales strategy, improving sales channel effectiveness and make sure all of sellers know how to manage a sales channel:

  • Set realistic expectations for selling through a channel
  • Avoid channel conflicts by using channel sales best practices
  • Mobilize channel partners with the channel selling strategies
  • Allocate resources to the highest-performing partners
  • Define vendor and partner roles and responsibilities
  • Improve communication about channel issues
  • Identify hidden issues affecting channel performance
  • Prioritize channel development activities and allocate resources effectively
  • Enjoy higher customer satisfaction because channel partners deliver complete solutions and seamless service


Strategic Selling With Perspective

Win complex deals with a scalable, insights-driven approach to opportunity management.

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