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Excellent Customer Service Starts With Great Culture

Every organization is different, so is its culture. Beyond an obvious baseline, there’s a unique culture that’s right for each organization. A benevolent and supportive culture might fuel a service organization but might backfire completely at another that is more competitive and driven by innovation and disruption.

In a Recent Study, Nearly
  • 80% of executives said culture is among the top five things that make their company valuable
  • >50% agreed that it influences productivity, creativity, the value of a firm, and growth rates.
The ICEBERG Model‍
To sustain customer excellence and drive consistent approach across the value chain of the entire organization and people Culture plays a major role.

As per Gallup report, companies with strong employee engagement experience better retention, increased productivity, and 21% higher profitability. Harvard Business School Professor Jeffrey Rayport describes culture as a set of shared values and beliefs that define how employees interact, solve problems, and collaborate with one another. Culture is a tool you use to drive a business to scale. .You have to constantly design and redesign culture for each additional level up.
The Iceberg model evidently depicts that the elements that are invisible in an organization’s culture can also influence its successful outcome. It was developed by Edward T.Hall in 1976. Our team of Service Excellence consultants will help define the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your organizational culture and eventually design the customer experience. We have developed a methodology for identifying the DNA of the culture and  Service touch points for noble organization like yours to assess, measure and  deliver an impactful Customer Excellence Program.
Key Benefits
  • Build trust and create value
  • Align expectations that can adapt to changes
  • Bring focus on what one can “give” rather than what  one can “get”– Aligning structure to daily  conversations
  • Brings Accountability
  • Develops the power of appreciation, acknowledgment and gratitude How we do
  • Discover – Assess teams and organization across the value chain
  • Design – With honest conversations and setting milestones to see results
  • Develop – Integrate the concept across the various touch points of the organization
  • Deliver – That can create value and build trust
  • Sustain – Integrating culture with your brand

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